About Bass Inferno Who, what, where and why. Here’s the lowdown on our company.


The music burns inside you… so why shouldn’t your car feel that heat? If your looking for the next red hot car audio component, check out our line of speakers, amps and subs. We’ve got the systems and components you need to make your car’s audio system smoke the competition.

Our Standards
Bass Inferno is your connection to purest sound, whatever your beat happens to be. We are commited to the smallest detail when it comes to sound, doing it in a way that often costs less than our corporate competitors.

That’s the kind of sound your ride demands.

Why Choose Us
We’re big enough for same day shipping and quick turn around at your favorite dealer, but small enough to make sure our quality and customer assistance never suffers. Clean, powerful, and functional. We design our operations like we design our audio solutions. We regularly challenge the competition with the latest updates to our custom cars. We publicly stand behind our reputation, and make sure the world knows what true audio sounds like.